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What is better than visiting a windy beach with warm weather and sailing everyday in your vacations? Is visiting two places in the same vacations!

ClubVentos offers you the opportunity to visit both Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho in the same trip, as both beaches are just a quick transfer apart.

You can experience these two windy paradises in the same vacations taking advantage of a special deal:

Make a single contract of water sports rental for both destinations and save money!

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Instead of having to start a new contract in the second beach, we allow you to keep the same rental contract and benefit from the savings of a longer rental. So for example if you are staying one week in each beach instead of having to make two separate contracts of 7 days you will make one single contract of 14 days and save money.

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This promotion can also be combined with our Prime reservation rates so if you book it together with accommodation you will also receive a 20% discount on your windsurf or wingfoil rental.



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