CLUBVENTOS watersports - History

Clubventos history

The Clubventos history is about dreams…
It was 1997, when I was on a windsurfing vacation in the Caribbean, laying at the beach and looking at the sky, when I dreamed of this windsurfing Shangri-La where every detail in the place was there to create the perfect paradise for windsurfers.This dream changed my life. I returned to Brazil decided to find and help create this place.So I started searching… I sailed countless beaches, I drove thousands of kilometers on the Brazilian coast, and I studied in detail the pattern of the trade winds on the South Atlantic.
And one day I reached Jericoacoara... It doesn’t matter if you are a windsurfer or not, arriving to Jeri for the fist time is an experience you don’t forget. It’s hidden behind a maze of huge sand dunes. It is like a lost paradise. The surrounding nature is stunning! The people are friendly! Life flows in a different pace.On the windsurfing subject, the water is warm, the wind blow solid for 8 months a year, and there is a long gentle wave peeling at the right side of the bay.And right in front of the perfect location to launch, there was a beautiful property full of palm trees with a sign: “for sale”.So in 1998, one year after my dream, a modest windsurf center opened its doors in Jericoacoara, but with the ambition of becoming the best in the world. Not the biggest or the most profitable, but the one able to provide the best service to sailors and their families.It has been a long way, but over the last 20 years, we are proud to have developed a new concept of watersport resort in the market, where there is more to offer than equipment rental and lessons. Our centers are not a sub-business of another such as a hotel.Instead, we dedicate our entire space to create an environment 100% dedicated to cater for all the needs of the most demanding waterman and waterwoman.
So our first decade of history was about chasing a dream, and seeing it come true. And on our 10th anniversary, we dared to dream again, but now as a bigger team of dreamers: “Let’s bring the best windsurfers of the world to Brazil and go explore the coast to find another paradise for our clients”. Invite the best of the world, and organize an expedition to find the perfect spot.The first people that heard about the idea said: “you guys are dreaming, that’s not possible”Read more and watch the movie about our Beach Search project on this website, and check the outcome of our crazy/impossible dream: Icaraizinho, watersport heaven #2.
Our second decade was dedicated to implementing variety, as what started only focused in windsurfing now covers kitesurfing, SUP, fat bikes, surf, kayak, tours, restaurant/bar; and also improving our management skills and processes, to ensure we can maintain quality across so many different activities and in multiple destinations.Fabio Nobre – the first dreamer of Clubventos (but not the only one).