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ClubVentos goes beyond just being a sport center. We believe it is just as important to have the best equipment and professional instructors, as it is to support you in all aspects of your trip. The best vacation includes stress-free transfers, the perfect accommodation, the most up to date travel advice and the most competitive rates.

Our reservation team has 30 years of experience in organizing adventure travel to remote destinations in Brazil. They are local experts that leverage the volume of reservations to get the best rates for you from the best providers and support you from the moment of your reservation until your return home.

*Average hotel savings obtained in "complete experience reservations", when compared to rates of online hotel websites. Your exact savings depend on the length of your stay, number of services you reserve, and the season of your trip.
Experience program: Approx hotel savings per person*
Windsurf 2 weeks EUR 200 discount
Kitesurf 2 weeks EUR 100 discount
Windsurf + Kitesurf 2 weeks  EUR 250 discount




You get the best rates through our agents in your country:

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