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Stand Up Paddleboarding



If you like stand up and paddle, you will love it in Icaraizinho. There are several options to SUP. ClubVentos offers you board rentals and lessons, we have professional instructors to make you learn in an easy, fun and safe way. You can S.U.P. on the waves, do a paddle tour in the bay, or go on a river adventure in the mangrove.
We are internationally recognized for safety, infrastructure and professionalism about teaching waterports. All our instructors are qualified certificated, and our lessons including all safety equipment, support and rescue boats and a team of lifeguards. Our classes present the level of safety required internationally and for this reason, we assure you that in Clubventos your focus is only on adventure, to security is on us! 
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SUP programs



Paddleboard Beginner
Starting from zero, the student will be taught how to use the SUP basically and independently. The student will learn the correct paddle techniques and how to navigate and turn the board on the water. There will also be a basic introduction to wave riding. On the complete course, the student will learn the all the basic SUP techniques.

R$139,00 (BR REAL)


1hr lesson

Paddleboard Advanced
The student has experience paddleboarding and would like to improve technique or learn something new. The student will learn priority and etiquette rules in the waves, safe fall, safe end of a wave descent, paddling to the outside, paddling to catch a wave and standing up on the board.

R$103,00 (BR REAL)



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