CLUBVENTOS watersports - Girl Action in Jeri

During the windy months, Jericoacoara is the training ground for many pro freestyle windsurfers. They travel from all corners of the globe to come to our very special beach to practice the latest moves and get ready for next year's competitions. Using the incredible conditions we have here, most of them are out on the water all hours of the day, pushing themselves to get better and better.

Some of the most dedicated and talented female windsurfers in the world have been coming to Jeri for a number of years now, to train and show all the guys how it's done. Seriously, watching these girls rip on the water is unbelievable, and they really are landing bigger and better moves than most of the guys we see here. They are ranked 1-4 in the WORLD, are all friends and all love the strong winds and fun waves here in Jericoacoara.

We have seen a number of great videos being released by these girls recently, so we thought we would put all these videos in one place. Check out the action!


1. Sarah-Quita Offringa


2. Maaike Huvermann


3. Oda Johanne Brødholt


4. Arrianne Aukes