ClubVentos - 2018 Windy Season

The 2018 windy season is fully underway here in Northern Brazil and we are windsurfing and kitesurfing pretty much every day (only stopping when we are too tired!). Our guests are already having a lot of fun in Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho, making the most of their vacation in paradise.




Being one of the most reliably windy places in the world, the wind starts in June and will consistently blow every day until January. When we say consistently blow, we mean pretty much all day, every day! This is not the type of wind that may arrive mid afternoon for an hour or two, the wind in Brazil starts from around 10am and will be there all day until the sun sets. So you can take your time, have a nice session in the morning, come in, relax, eat some lunch, and head out again for an afternoon session.


Kitesurfing July

Guests Relaxing


We have our 2018 equipment all rigged and ready to go on the water and our beach team is always here to give you a helping hand.


Windsurf Planing
Sunset sand dune


There is still time to book your 2018 watersports vacation to Brazil and remember you can have up to $250pp by booking a complete package. See you soon!