CLUBVENTOS watersports - 2018 Windsurfing Kit

The time has come to fill our windsurf racks with the latest 2018 windsurf boards from JP and Starboard, and update our sails to 2018 Neil Pryde.


New Boards


Every year we present the new boards to our guests in our restaurant area, after everyone has come in off the water. We explain all the new 2018 boards, their features and what type of conditions they are best suited for. The next day guests get to have their first go on the brand new equipment!

The huge range of boards on offer ensures everyone will find a perfect board for the days sailing. From hardcore wave, freestyle or freeride boards, we have the best mix for all abilities and riding styles. We only stock ‘pro’ models of windsurf boards, meaning these are lightest, most advanced board on offer by Starboard or JP.

With no cost spared on equipment, our brand new 2018 Neil Pryde sails are rigged on 90% carbon masts, this complete set up delivers the best performance possible.


New board presentation 4
New board presentation 3
New board presentation 2