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Wind Warranty

We all love watersports, but the excitement of sailing your board fast over water comes with the unavoidable stress when you book your vacations:

  • Am I going to have wind in the weeks I have booked my dream vacation on the beach?
  • Or will I be spending my vacation days on a rainy beach with no wind?

Some places offer you some kind of discount, or a voucher for the future, or a bicycle to kill time while you wait for the wind. But you didn't travel on your vacations to ride bicycles... and you don't want a voucher to return to the same beach that brought you frustration.

So we have decided to offer you a bold, no-nonsense, real guarantee: 




 Yes, that's right. If you don't get enough wind to sail in less than 50% of your days, during the month of September 2024, we will issue a complete refund for all the services* participating in this promotion. (watersport rental or storage, hotel*, restaurant*, caipirinhas*).

* In case you stay in a hotel participating in this promotion (Apenunga Eco, Ponta da Pedra, Les Alizes). Refundable meals and drinks only in ClubVentos Jericoacoara. Expenses at other hotels and restaurants are not refundable. Transportation expenses are not part of this promotion and therefore not refundable.


IF: NO-WIND [more than] 50% OF YOUR DAYS,

THEN: FULL REFUND [ hotel + food + drinks + watersports ]*.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the rules that will guarantee me a refund if I don't have windy vacations?

  • The rules apply to your vacations with prebooked water sports (windsurf or wingfoil) rental or storage for the month of September 2024. Prebooked means reserved and paid before your arrival. If you have more than 50% of the days of water sports rental/storage without wind, we will issue a full refund of the water sports rental/storage, and we will also refund other services booked together with your water sports rental/storage. For example, if you book 14 days of windsurf rental and you have more than 7 days without wind, then you will receive back all the money you paid for the 14 days of rental, and you will also get a refund for other services booked for the period of your watersport rental/storage as listed below. The refund guarantee is linked to the period in September in which you pre-reserved windsurf/wingfoil rental or storage. For example: if you reserved 20 days of hotel but only reserved 10 days of windsurf rental and there is more than 5 days of no wind, you will get a refund of the 10 days of windsurf rental and a refund of 10 days of hotel. But if the number of prebooked days of windsurf rental are the same number of hotel days, then you get a full refund of the hotel too. 

What services are refundable?

  • In case you have more than 50% of your prebooked windsurf or wingfoil rental or storage days without wind, during the month of September 2024, then you will get a full refund of 100% of your prebooked water sports rental/storage expenses made for the month of september 2024, and also get a full refund of other participating services such as hotel expenses and restaurant expenses made for the same period of your prebooked watersport rental/storage in September. At the moment, the participating hotels are Apenunga Eco and Ponta da Pedra in Jericoacoara, and Pousada Les Alizes in Icaraizinho. Refundable restaurant expenses are only at the ClubVentos restaurant in Jericoacoara. Expenses at other hotels and restaurants are not refundable. Transportation expenses are not part of this promotion and therefore not refundable.

Who is behind this guarantee?

  • ClubVentos watersports, Apenunga Eco Hotel, Pousada Ponta da Pedra, Pousada Les Alizes. There is no agency or insurance company behind this. We, the service providers, are the ones offering this wind guarantee, and we stand by what we promise.

Who or what will determine if a given day was windy or not?

  • Instead of complicated wind meters or the opinion of some wind expert, we have designed a very simple and foolproof method to document that a given day was windy enough for water sports. Every day of the month of September, we will make a short video clip at each of our spots documenting that people are sailing in the water. This video will start by filming the front page of a global newspaper with the date and will then show the action in the water, and it will be uploaded to YouTube on the same day. It will be a continuous unedited video of a few seconds that proves: (a) what day it was made (because the newspaper date and youtube upload date match) and (b) that there are people sailing in the water. If we don't upload this video, it means it was not a windy day.

What if my vacations start in August or end in October 2024?

  • This promotion is valid for prebooked vacations for the month of September 2024, so if your vacation starts before or extends after, only the days in September will count, and only the services during September can be refunded. 



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