ClubVentos - COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates

The situation related to the virus is continuously evolving, so we are posting updates in this section.

The Brazilian state of Ceará, where Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho are located, reaches September 2021 at the lowest level of covid infections since the start of the pandemic. As vaccination advances fast accross the country, life gradually returns to normal, with direct flights returning and other countries eliminating quarantine for those visiting Brazil;

After a slow start, Brazil vaccination is catching up with USA-Europe. The majority of the Brazilian population supports vaccination and Brazil is already vaccinating teenagers in most states. In the months June-July-August 2021, Brazil jumped from 21% to 62% of it's population vaccinated. As a result, Covid related infections and deaths have been dramatically reduced.

The impact in the economy brought by the coronavirus pandemic has made Brazilian currency lose its value compared to the Euro and USD, making the cost of everything in Brazil much cheaper for a foreigner. The historical exchange rate of [1€ = 4.5 R$] has changed to around [1€ = 6.5 R$], a valuation of 45%. It means that you can now stay 3 weeks for the usual cost of 2 weeks before 2020. So come to Brazil and live like a king/queen for some weeks. Upgrade your hotel, go to the best restaurants...

ClubVentos Jericoacoara has upgraded the club’s wifi connection with the best in class: optic fiber link and 5Ghz wifi enterprise-class managed routers.

In the age of remote work, our new infrastructure will allow you to attend to your online meetings from the beach, and keep the ball rolling in the office.

Customers planning on coming to Jeri will enjoy the new connection, to work, play, or stay in touch with the family.


The physiotherapy clinic inside ClubVentos Jericoacoara, has teamed up with one of the largest labs in Fortaleza to provide PCR tests for departing guests without requiring them to go to Fortaleza. This service is available only for customers who booked their travel (hotel, transfer, sport services) with a partner tour operator or with clubventos

In line with most countries, Brazil has established specific laws and regulations to protect travelers’ rights during Covid..

Brazilian cancellation, rescheduling and refund rules, for travel services during the pandemic, is very similar to those adopted in most areas of the world.

In essence the rules say that if you have made (or if you want to make) a reservation of travel services during the pandemic, you have the following rights:

The state of Ceará, where Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho are located, has received the WTTC [Safe Travels] stamp, in recognition to the adoption of health and hygiene global standardised protocols – so consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

This important recognition from the World Travel & Tourism Council, is one more indicator of the excellent work that the state of Ceará has done in the management of the Covid-19 crisis.