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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Windsurf School
Windsurf School

Whether you want to learn the basics of windsurfing or fine-tune your more advanced skills, ClubVentos has highly qualified instructors on hand to be of assistance.

The Club provides its students with a full range of the latest equipment from JP, Neilpryde and Starboard in various sizes and models which best suit every level or need of sailor.

Beginner: private/1,5 hrs

Basic introduction to windsurfing: safety, understanding the wind, sailing (stance, sail control, steering), tack

Intermediate & Advanced: private/1,5 hrs

Intermediate: beach start, water start, harness, pivot jibe, fast tack

Advanced: footstraps, planing jibe, siker tack, helicopter tack, jumping

Freestyle: Duck jibe, donkey jibe, backwind jibe, carving jibe 360, duking 360, duck tack, haas tack, forward loop, vulcan,  gecko-flaca

SAFETY - comes first

Safety is the most important priority and that is why all our safety services are of highest standards and for free.

All water front staff have been trained and certified in First Aid by the Life Guard Federation of Brazil.

Club Ventos has a comprehensive monitoring system that enables staff to keep an exact account of clients who are sailing on the water.

Club Ventos has a person monitoring sailors with binoculars at
all times. Guests are informed of the sailing limits in which they can sail safely inside the monitored zone and be sure of a rescue in case of injury or equipment damage. The windsurfing area is equipped with two brand new rescue boats in case of emergency.

All beach staff are also equipped with two way radio's to keep each other informed of any safety issues.

We can also all help eachother by keeping an extra look around. Remember it is easy to help! 


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