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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Rates & Reservations
Rates & Reservations



# of days PRO LARGE
1 100 77
2 183 141
3 247 190
4 311 239
5 375 288
6 439 337
7 503 386
8 549 421
9 595 456
10 641 491
11 687 526
12 733 561
13 779 596
14 825 631
15 861 659
16 897 687
17 933 715
18 969 743
19 1005 771
20 1041 779
21 1077 827
Extra day 45 35


The progressive discount shown in the price list is only valid for pre-paid, continuous rentals. Customers with pre-paid reservations have priority in choice of gear. Rentals for alternate days are not entitled at the progressive discount, and will be based on the 1 day value for each day of use. There is no refund for unused rental time.

Local rates are at least 10% higher.
You may find better rates through a tour operator.


The equipment is only allowed to be used by the person who is renting it. If the gear is used by others we will charge 1 full day of rental for each additional user of the equipment.


The person renting the gear is responsible for any damage. Board and sail damages that can be repaired will be charged a repair cost.  Damages that cannot be repaired will be charged the cost of replacement. Repair and replacement costs are posted at the club. Security Deposit: A credit card with a minimum of US$250 available credit is required for gear rental.
There is a comprehensive insurance against accidental equipment damage available for purchase upon arrival.


In a situation that calls into question the safety of sailors and/or the preservation of equipment, Club Ventos reserves the right to cancel a rental contract. Sailors who do not respect traffic rules in the water or are sailing in a dangerous manner will be warned.  If they continue to sail dangerously their contracts will be cancelled. Sailors who do not posses the necessary skills to use equipment or who are using it in a destructive way will also be warned.  If they ignore said warning, their contract will be cancelled. Unused rental time will be refunded for cancelled contracts.

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