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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - spot info
spot info

Jericoacoara and ClubVentos is situated on the eastern point of a long carving bay. This means that all sailing takes place inside a bay which then creates a natural safety area.

There are three main sailing areas around ClubVentos, which together makes Jericoacoara a rather diverse spot.  



Just in front of the club you will find the smoothest waves in north of Brazil. This is the main sailing area, where most of our clients choose to surf. On the inside the waves gently turns into flat water, and André Paskowski recently said it is one of the flattest waters he has sailed. That means that you can jump on the way out, do a tack, surf a wave on the way in and end the ride with a freestyle attempt on the super flat inside.


This large sailing area offers the best freeride sailing in the Jericoacoara bay. An endlessly big flatwater area which sometimes can contribute with some nice and gently shorebreaks.


For the more advance sailor. This side-on beach on the other side of town (upwind of "The Point") offers the best starboard jumping ramps around. But it is a place for sailors with confident as there is a lot of rocks and a long walk back if something goes wrong. The current freestyle champion, Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne has this beach as one of his favorite jumping beaches.


Waves differ in size depending on tide, swell and time of year.  During high tide is when you have the biggest waves ranging in size from waist to shoulder to head high.  The waves in Jericoacoara and the whole northern coast of Brazil becomes bigger later in the season, with peaking size at Christmas. With a soft sandy bottom, these are friendly, gentle waves that are perfect for learning to ride, to practice your jumps, tabletops, forwards, back loops or whatever move you feel like going for.



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