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    Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Equipment




    Clubventos offers you nothing less than "THE BEST" - with a beachfront center loaded with the latest gear from Starboard & JP boards and Neilpryde rigs. Our 2014 Pro Range of Equipment (small & medium board category)* is hand picked from the best shapes around: JP, Starboard and Neil Pryde have again impressed our customers with their ease of using progressive shapes!

    We have decided to go 100% Pro, being the 1st center in the world to only have Pro Range Equipment available.

    All this for those who want to take their windsurfing experience to the next level. The Pro pool gives you access to Pro Edition boards and rigs with RDM* masts and Hybrid Carbon booms! Whatever your choice; your enjoyment is limitless as we ensure the equipment is well maintained and staff are on hand to help find the best kit solution for your needs!


    Clubventos pre-booking system is simple and efficient. Rather than booking a fixed board in advance, you reserve by category, which allows you to try a variety of boards during your vacation.  We limit the number of reservations, in order to guarantee that there is always enough equipment for pre-booked clients!

     *availible only for sails size bellow 6,2


    • Clubventos developed a unique service offering categories as best suit for our customers. Choose the category that best suit and inform your agent before booking. We don't reserve single boards or sails !
    • Wetsuit isn't reguired since the water is lovely and warm.
    • Bring: harness, gloves and any other accessories you require, since they are not available for rental.



    Boards are divided in three categories according to their volume, with a color code to make it easier for you to choose a board from the rack:
    - red color for small category from 64 lt  - 90 lt
    - yellow color for medium category from 91 lt - 110 lt
    - green color for large (gold) category from 111 lt  - 145 lt* divided as follow:
    beginer category ( EVA FOAM BOARDS)  and advanced category ( NON EVA BOARDS), beginner will be allowed to try the large advanced boards as soon that are ready to waterstart, hook in and plane propetly.
    Consult always our staff for the right board pick.
    *except the 113 lt Carbon PRO Starboard availible on medium
    Clubventos operates using a mix of equipment from 2 years; this is because of the time of the year when our high season falls and to ensure steady wear of the boards you use!
    Every single year on 10th December the 2nd year collection is retired from the rack, enough time to fall in love with the next year collection.
    Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard by our own in-house team of board and sail repair specialists; some of the best in the world! We train our board repair master with the best boards shapers in Brazil.



     PRO 2014



    PRO 2013

    Black Box  
    Freestyle Wave  
     Single Thruster
     87 lt  77, 85 lt  73, 83 lt
    Twinser Quad   Kode
     80 lt  68 lt   74, 80, 86 lt
    Freestyle Wave  
    Single Thruster  
    Twinser Quad
    77,84 lt 74,82 lt 68 lt
    86 lt 87 lt 80 lt
    90 lt




    Flare   Freestyle Wave
    100, 106 lt   961, 101lt   93, 101lt
    Magic Ride   Kode   Nuevo  
    104 lt    94,113 lt    101 lt
    Super Sport   Single Thruster   Twinser Quad  
    100 lt    94,113 lt    99 lt
    Nuevo   Freestyle Wave   All Ride
    93 lt   92, 101 lt    96, 106 lt
    Flare   Kode  
    91 lt    94, 103 lt  

    X-Cite Ride        
    125, 135 lt        
      All Ride   Funster
      116 lt   130, 145 lt

    * Freestyle boards are available only for freestylers, test maneuver  required before sailing at our centers.

    ** We have reduced the wave boards in Icarai. getting more dedicated gear for the flat water conditions


    The Gemini is the world's only widestyle tandem board. It reveals great performance and brings more fun than you can imagine.
    A windsurfer can invite anyone on board. Share a great moment with your child, your dog or your friends.


    • We have selected from Neilpryde, models and sizes that better perform in Jericoacoara´s sailing and wind conditions.
    • All sails are carefully rigged and tuned for optimum performance as per producer instructions


    2014 MODELS

    Atlas Combat Xperience The Fly Wizard Hellcat


    2013 MODELS

    Combat   Atlas   Thefly   Fusion   Hornet   Hellcat   Wizard



    • start from 3.2 and go all over* to 8.2*.

     *bigger sails over 6,5 are previous years collection rigged on sdm masts for better strength

    *the highest number of range sails is from 4,5 - 5,5; smaller or bigger than these sizes are upon availability


    • All sails are rigged* with RDM masts and Hybrid Carbon booms

     *  sails above 6,2 are rigged on sdm masts


    © ClubVentos Watersports Resorts 2013.
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