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If you love Brazil, this is the best time to come, July is the brazilians vacation and Jericoacoara become full of people from all over Brazil. We decided to promote also this month, just in case you want to start your vacation earlier, but the main reason is because the wind is already very strong and really constant. So enjoy to pay only half of the total number of days you have reserved.
(Example: Sail 10 days, pay for 5 days)

Records show that July is exactly when the wind starts at the coast of Ceará State and the good news is that is already summer at this part of Brazil. For most of you that are usual to take vacations only in August you can start to think like taking it earlier, just to change or to spend more time on the water.
- In order to receive promotion on equipment rental, you must book through a recognized partner tour operator.
- Reservation for equipment must be part of a vacation package which includes transfer (in/out) and accommodation for the entire period.
- Clients whose bookings either begin in June or run into August, will only have the promotion applied to the reserved days which are in July.
One spot is not enough? Then learn more about our "Combo-vacation" - One Brazil, twice fun! We proudly present another hot spot on the cost of Ceará: Icaraizinho! Ride two of the best spots in Brazil and pay only half days. Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara in one package. Ask your tour operator to organize your dream vacation for much less the price than all the other months! Book your "Super Sepetember Special" NOW!
- For "Combo-vacations": to receive the promotion you should book accommodation and equipment on both places and transfers to / from Jeri or Icaraizinho and between both, by private car or buggy.

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