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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - ...




When you come to Jericoacoara between February 1st and June 30th you pay only the first day of windsurf rental, and get unlimited usage of Windsurf, SUP, Surfboards and Kayaks until the day you leave.
It doesn’t matter if you are staying 1 day, 10 days or 100 days, you pay only the first and play with all the watertoys during your entire stay.


And that’s not all, you will also have a special deal with our hotel partners*:

for every 3 nights paid, get another one free. Example: pay 6 nights, sleep 8, pay 12 nights, sleep 16.

Participating hotels: Ponta da Pedra, Jeri Village Hotel and My Blue Hotel**.


The infinity deal is valid only for complete vacation bookings (all transfers and accommodation for the entire stay) reserved thru our partner tour operators.

Clients whose booking starts before February or run into July, will only have the promotion applied to the reserved days that are part of the promotion.

* Accommodation bookings that happen in National Holidays such as: Carnival, Easter and Corpus Christi will pay full price of holiday package and the free nights will be calculated outside the holiday period.

** My Blue hotel will participate from Feb 25th till Jun 30th.


1 – It sounds too good to be true. Where is the catch? How much is this one day?
There is no catch; the price is the same as usual for one day of Windsurf rental .

2 - It still sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch. Do I have to stay in a very expensive hotel?
There is no catch, we don’t think it’s a smart move to fool our clients, you can choose among economic, mid range and high comfort hotels. And we negotiated an even better deal with some of them: for every 3 nights you pay you get another free. SO if you pay 12 nights you can sleep 16, for example.

3 - Ok. The deal is great, but what about the wind? I read free surfboards, are there any waves?
Jericoacoara is probably the most consistent Windsurf destination of the world, in high season, from July to January. You can get strong wind for nearly 100% of the days. Outside this period the wind is not guaranteed, but even in the off season there is usually a fair amount of windy days per month. In fact, it all depends on the rain. As Jericoacoara is struck by the trade winds generated by the rotation of the earth, it should be windy everyday. The only thing that disturbs this natural phenomenon is bad weather. This is quite unpredictable. In some years there is almost no rain, and lots of wind. In some others, it rains more and there are less windy days, but usually rainfalls are short, and the sun (and wind) returns in few days.
Regarding the waves, those are more predictable. From January to May is the period with the biggest waves in Jericoacoara, perfect for SUP and longboard surfing.
In June there are fewer waves but also smaller chances of rainfall and therefore more windy days.

4 – I don’t believe you, can I see official statistics?

Sure, here are a few links:

WindGuru historical data of the last 10 years. Anything green, yellow or red means a sailable day:
(WindGuru data model has historically predicted wind below reality in Jericoacoara. The wind is always stronger than WindGuru prediction, but it is useful anyway to predict and record the wind trend which is always accurate)

Windspeed historical data from the government weather station in Jericoacoara
(if you compare this data with WindGuru history you will notice that the actual measurements in place are higher than Windguru prediction/history)

Wave prediction for the next 5 days in Jericoacoara

5 – What are the other activities to be done in Jericoacoara?
If you get bored of playing with Clubventos toys you can:


Hike to the arched rock (2 km east).

Go on a buggy tour to the lagoons.

Practice Capoeira.

Learn how to make a real Caipirinha.

Rent some quad bikes to explore the   landscape.

Learn how to dance samba or Forró. (after many caipirinhas).



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