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The COMBO vacation is the new possibility to combine two windsurfing paradises in the same holiday… And not just some random spots, the windiest and most beautiful beaches in Brazil: Icaraizinho and Jericoacoara.

This innovative idea was developed by ClubVentos, to give windsurfers the opportunity to enjoy these two unique destinations that are only 100 kms apart.
And since Brazil is not a short flight away, and is such an exotic and interesting country to explore, the COMBO vacation adds a lot of value to your journey. More than two world class spots, in the COMBO program you will experience two different beach atmospheres, sailing conditions, landscapes and cultural elements, connected by an exciting buggy adventure along desert beaches, mangroves, crossing rivers and small authentic Brazilian villages.

Add spice and adventure to your holiday with the COMBO trip!

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In each of the spots, you will surely find a reason that makes it worthwhile for you. It all depends on your expectations and wishes: If you are looking for a quiet restive vacation, where you have a lot of space in and out of the water, where you disconnect from the world and even your cell phone doesn’t work, then Icaraizinho is your place. But if you are looking for meeting people, sailing in more challenging conditions, partying and enjoying more evolved services, then you will love Jeri!

But the vast majority of us, when taking a vacation, will want a bit of everything: some days you just want to be alone or with your loved one in a quiet place, sailing in more mellow conditions, and in other days you will want to take a beat from the waves, make ten new friends, and party like a dog until sunrise.

The COMBO vacations are now offering you the possibility to customize your Jericoacoara+Icaraizinho vacations in any way you want. There are no rules on where to go first, and for how long.

There are many possible combinations depending on your wishes:

• If Jeri is a bit challenging for your skills and you want a warm up before getting there, start with Icaraizinho.
• If you are looking forward to some strong conditions and party as soon as you arrive, and you prefer to relax on your last days and have a shorter road transfer on your way home, Start with Jeri.

• If you want high standard hotels, and to meet a lot of people, stay longer in Jeri.
• If you want tranquility, easier sailing, wide spaces, and no cell phone ringing, stay longer in Icaraizinho.

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The link between Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho can now be organized in a half-day buggy trip along the coast and guarantee you an unforgettable adventure, and a deep immersion in the Brazilian native culture.

You will take the same route as the PWA riders did during “ClubVentos Beach Search”. Travelling on the beach most of the time, crossing rivers in small rafts, and weaving your way through several small fishermen villages, where you can still watch the authenticity of the local life. There are some particular places recommended to visit along the way, such as the sea-turtle conservation base from TAMAR in the town of Almofala, or the small native Indian communities.

And if you prefer to skip the buggy adventure and reach your second paradise in a fast and comfortable vehicle with A/C via the normal road, you can also do that.

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The best part of the COMBO is that it won’t affect your time on the water or create any hassles, as ClubVentos takes care of everything from transfers to hotel bookings. You won’t even have to worry about your board/sail rental, as your pre-booked rental contract follows you wherever you go. This means that you will not have to start a new rental in the second center, which in the end gets saves you money.

For bookings and more information, please contact your local tour operator.

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