What to do when the temperature drops?

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It's time to save the toys of summer and prepare for the long hard winter battle. Maybe wear a pair of sexy boots and watch a movie, well accommodated in your living room?

That nothing comes out of this!!

Time to forget all that crap and tell your loved one that you will take them where the sky is blue, it is warm and sunny all day. Where somewhere you can relax on a sun chair to touch the tan of your dreams, dining-out every night and enjoy delicious food in exotic restaurants. A place far, far away from work, where the main concern will be choosing between action sports, sightseeing in the park and see nature, buy souvenirs, immerse yourself in the local culture, or just relax on a beautiful beach with a good book and a cold beverage alongside.


This is a situation where everyone wins. Not only will you score some dots for serious relationship, but also mark some of the best days of her life sailing to windsurfing in paradise. In a place that releases the stress of checking the wind for tomorrow, you do not have to check weather, windy here every day. Therefore, it is time to resolve all urgent work commitments, scheduled two weeks off negotiate with the boss and put your mind in doubt on what really matters. The Wind? Check out. Is Guaranteed. Check out. In winter! Do not miss this opportunity to come and visit Brazil. Come to Jericoacoara and Icaraizinho.

(This story was originally published in the October issue of 2012 Magazine Windsurfing. Manuscript: Iain Marwood Photos: Julian Schlosser & Gary Crossley)




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