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On the Saturday and Sunday of Carnival, the beach paradise of Jericcoacoara received the 1st edition of the SUP FANTASY CONTEST JERICOACOARA with $ 3,000.00 in total prize money.

Athletes meeting before falling into the water. Stage with organizers and judges.

Present were several athletes Brazilian and foreign, divided into categories
. Follow below the name of the winners for each category:

    1 - Renato Melo
    2 - Maurice Guzella
    3 - Alberto

    1 - Marine
    2 - Larissa
    3 - Mariela

    1 - Piriguete Hawaii
    2 - Panic on vacation in Brazil
    3 - Peruvian


Waves of 1.5 m gave perfect conditions for the athletes in the final of OPEN. OPEN Final feminine disputed with many tricks and style.

In the Fantasy category all athletes competed in a battery costumed showing their
creativity and resourcefulness in the water. Already, competitors SUP SURF Open category were judged according to performance in the wave and always using the paddle as an integral instrument maneuvers.

The event featured a wide public participation in two days, especially on the second day showing that haven´t created yet better place for the practice of SUP. Jeri has what they call the world´s easiest wave, because it´s big enough to excite you, not big enough to hurt you and very safe, because it´s generated by a point break and not a shallow reef. Long, well-defined line and a sandy bottom make Jeri your mandatory step to your SUP sessions!


Beauty and style are present. Family ClubVentos scoring presence.


Jeri-girls, natural beauty. Public attends and enjoys the category Fantasy


Athletes Fantasy category 


Fantasy category athletes in water





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