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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News


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ClubVentos is pleased to realize one more time a long-awaited premiere in Brazil!
André Paskowski, one of the greatest professionals windsurf sailors of the world and prestigious film producer, is in Brazil and chose once again ClubVentos for the premiere of his last two film productions: Magic Moments and Rewarded.

The two are part of the same project and were filmed at the same time. According to André, the histories of both movies are connected.

Magic Moments is a short movie about André Paskowski life and his trajectory, the film inspires people transmitting the message to never give up fighting.
Rewarded is a documentary about Gollito Estredo, first in history with 5x PWA Freestyle Champion title. Gollito was born in El Yaque, Margarita Island, Venezuela into a poor family of fishermen and since he discovered the windsurf, with 7 years old, he becomes a young prodigy with potential to become one of the world’s best. The movie was produced using the latest camera and editing techniques.
Rewarded and Magic Moments are nominees for the upcoming X-Dance Action Sport Film Festival in Salt Lake City, USA, at the beginning of November. A huge success for both producer Andre Paskowski and editor Sebastian Dörr.
The premiere will also presents Windsurfing into the Unknown - Kenya. A movie by professional windsurfers Michael Rossmeier and Philip Soltysiak! 

In early 2012, the duo, working under the project name Windsurfing Into the Unknown, set out to discover Kenya's picturesque coastline and wild safaris as a windsurfing destination. The movie features spots both north and south of Mombasa, and inland adventures from Tsavo East National Park, with a unique Kenyan sound track. 

The event will happen on November 09 of 2012!
ClubVentos happy hour at 5pm - Movie Premiere at 6pm



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