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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News

Jacaré Jeri Carnival

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Anyway, Jericoacoara, one of the most famous beaches in the world in 2013 consolidated its carnival. Putting several blocks down the street and with an extensive program of events for all tastes and ages divided between the four days of revelry, thus earning the village, more a tourist attraction for its agenda.


Street blocks. The laundresses.


In Jeri has no such thing as electric trio, cordon, buying abadás or mela-mela. Carnival is the beach. And so more folkloric and cultural, with blocks of street marches playing, giant puppets, parades and much fanfare maracatus, all organized by the community who baptized the revelry of "Jacaré Jeri".


Children have fun at Jeri´s carnival. The Turistão marched through the streets of Jeri.


          The village of Jeri was filled with tourists and lovers of this cultural celebration. And who came was impressed with the diversity of cultural expressions and the joy and warmth with which they are received in our village. The Jacaré Jeri bet on a Carnival the "old fashion", more family oriented, where the children can play, a street carnival, effervescent and multi cultural.


The mask was the best selling accessory in Jeri. The children loved the stories of the Troupe "Caba de Chegar."
Bands played in the square. Parade of giant puppets.


So, be very welcome, Jacaré Jeri!! The whole community is proud of your success!


By João Maia

Photos by Sheila Oliveira



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