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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News

It's Winter in CearĂ¡!

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Some people say that even placed in Brazil, Jericoacoara seems like another country. Maybe because of its cultural diversity, or the great amount of languages heard on streets when foreing tourists arrive in the village.

But what stands Jeri out (and the state of Ceará) from all the other 26 brazilian states (and the Federal District, Brasília) is its unique division of the seasons. Instead of four seasons, here there are only two: summer and winter. Summer usually lasts from June to February, when the rain season starts. And then it's winter! A short and sunny winter, to be exact, from the end of February until May.

When the rainy season begins, it will continue until June. However, it does not mean that it rains all day. Usually it rains a little bit at a time and soon it's gone. At this time, the ponds are well filled and beautiful, what doens't happen when the weather is very hot.

Ok, I know you might be thinking to yourself: are we talking about a place with 9 months of sunny days, hot climate and wind? Yes. Paradises on earth are rare, but still exist. And Jericoacoara is definitely one of them. After all, we are talking about northeast of Brazil, aren't we?

If you are wanting to have fun without paying too much, choose to make the trip between the months of March to June. In this period, the price of daily, provided tours and services usually fall.

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