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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News


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Like, probably, whole coast of Ceara, Icaraizinho has great downwind potential. Some people start in Fortaleza with their kites and water proof backpack and downwind from town to town for few days or even weeks. But half day trip along specific part of that track makes it much more enjoyable. 

There are two possibilities of downwind trips in Icaraizinho. The first one is starting on the west side of Icaraizinho, which is the downwind side of Icaraizinho bay. Whole northwest side of the bay is one long wave spot. Waves are breaking around 50 – 100 m from the shore and that’s the strap on sea in which you want to ride. Flat water between waves makes carving very enjoyable. Just catch wave after wave, and change your leading leg as it’s a hard 45 min workout. You finish at “Punto”. Just need to hire a buggy before you start so you don’t have to worry about coming back. If you decide to ride farther… in 30 min you’ll reach a river mouth where 3 km river pool starts. This, protected from the waves by sandy beach, area is filled with water at middle to high tide and makes an endless flat water paradise. Right in the middle you’ll find a local restaurant which is a meeting point with your driver. Just perfect for lunch. 

Second option is to start with a beach trip. Buggy or truck will take you upwind to Caetanos where your downwind starts. Here you can experience wave conditions with high tide. Shore reef break all the way back to Icaraizinho. At one point you’ll see waves breaking few hundred meters from the shore. That’s outer reef with bigger and more challenging waves. But those who will dare to challenge them would be rewarded with life time memories. Choosing this downwind while low tide gives you opportunity to enjoy indentations in the reef. Just cruising between them and enjoying flat water coves.




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