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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News

Fat Bike is the sport innovation at Clubventos

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This FAT BIKE ride is for who is used to practice water sport here at Clubventos and already knows our infrastructure, but now is looking for something else to practice here! We have now FAT BIKES!
Our FAT BIKES are electrics, completely Carbon Free and we have programmed a beautiful and exciting ride for you.
The ride is just amazing, you will enjoy an unique and exclusive route, even if you already know Jeri you will be affected. 
The trip starts at Clubventos with a trained guide, in a route that includes the Serrote area, exploring all the ecologic and exotic part of the village until the Pedra Furada point. Definitely we will show you Jeri in a different way!
This ride is for who is looking for some easy adventure sport and a relaxing trip with security. Our guides are trained and have all the necessary equipment for any unforeseen events.
You can read more about this FAT BIKE RIDE here. 




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