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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - News

5th Jeri Sport Music happens on Sept 27, 28 and 29 of 2012!

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Jericoacoara is not only the ideal scenary for the musical attractions of the Jeri Sport Music Festival, but it is also the perfect location and weather conditions for the competitions of kitesurf and windsurfing that will gonna take place during the festival.

The event which is in its 5th edition unites sports (wind and kite), good music and culture, all in one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil! The festival is organized by the Association of Pousadas of Jericoacoara (Jeri AP) with institutional support from the Government of the State of Ceará, Sebrae, Produção Galgo Entretenimento in association with Farra na Casa Alheia (musical project of Fortaleza).

Programming of the 5th Jeri Sport Music Festival

Thursday, September 27

23h - Opening party of the 5th Jeri Sport Music with Farra da Casa Alheia and Red Bull

Friday, September 28

22h - MCs and DJs Guga de Castro and Rodrigo Fuser Farra na Casa Alheia
23h - Paula Tesser (France / Ceará)
0h - Farra House Oblivious (Fortaleza)
0h30 - Barbara Eugenia (RJ / SP)
2h - Farra House Oblivious (Fortaleza)

Saturday, September 29

14h - Windsurfing and Kitesurfing races at the edge of Jericoacoara (meeting at the Jeri Sport Music stage and start next of the sunset dune)
22h - awards race windsurfing and kitesurfing
23 h - Farra na Casa Alheia (Fortaleza) and guests
0h30 - Fino Coletivo (Alagoas - RJ)
2h - Farra na Casa alheia (Fortaleza)



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