We offer private lessons focused on your specific needs. From beginners through advanced riders, the advices of our skilled instructors will make you improve your kiteboarding as you never imagined.


1. STEP 1: Kite Control (Introductory Course)

Duration: 2 hours
Equipment (kite, harness, life vest and a helmet)
Goal: You will learn how to fly a kite, launching, landing, safety systems, and how to be in control. Emphasis is on safety and kite control.

2. STEP 2: Body Drag

Duration: 3 hours
Equipment (kite + board+ harness+ helmet +life vest)
Goal: You will learn about safety systems, sheeting systems and their effects on steering. Practice on the simulator. Body dragging downwind and upwind, “searching the board”. Relaunch the kite from the water. First exercises with the board and start making short reaches.

3. STEP 3: Water Start

Duration: 3 hours
Equipment (kite + board+ harness+ helmet + life vest)
Goal:. Riding both ways. Ride upwind.

4. Private Lessons

Duration: 1 hour
Equipment: (kite + board+ harness+ helmet + life vest)





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