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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - General Info
General Info

Jericoacoara is a quaint fishing village located on the northeastern coast of Brazil, in the state of Ceara, 300kms West of Fortaleza.
The town originally gained fame as being one of the most beautiful in the world. Now it is also known for its other marvel of nature, the Wind.





Due to the building restrictions and protection laws, Jeri is growing in a positive way. Business owners who are compliant and wish to match Jeri's beauty and simplicity have been creating small and cozy pousadas, which offer charm and sophistication rather then grandeur and extravagance.


Another reason for Jeri being able to maintain its unhurried and peaceful way of life is the exceptional journey one takes to get there. Because of Jeri's remote location, the last 2 hours of the trip has to be traversed by 4 wheel drive vehicles which pass along rugged dirt roads and finally along the last stretch of sandy beach. It is a thrilling ride that certainly adds to the experience as well as helping to keep herds of tour buses at bay. You can still watch daily as fisherman head out to sea in their traditional 'jangada' boats, in the same way they have for so many years before and hopefully henceforth.


With streets paved with sand, life takes on a much slower pace. No traffic, no line ups, no honking, no stress. Sometimes that simplicity comes at a cost, on occasion you might find the grocery stores supply of diet coke depleted forcing you to take a fresh juice instead. Or, you may have to share the road with a meandering mule or cow while wandering back to your pousada and upon occasion you might be forced to dine by candle light due to a brief power out. However, if you think you can cope with these trifles, you're in for a treat. But be aware, if you are anything like most who come here, be sure to book more days then you expect since surely you'll want to extend your stay.

Jericoacoara sits on the most northern tip of Ceara. This special position allows visitors to watch the sun rising and setting out of and into the sea. This special geographic position is also what makes Jeri one of the windiest places in the world.


It is tradition to watch the sun making its ascent and descent from the top of "Sunset Dune" which stands just west of the village. Everyday, after the sunset, you can watch the capoeiristas practicing their art at the base of the dune.
Capoeira is a martial art that was disguised as a dance by slaves from Angola and other African countries during the slave trade who were forced to conceal their ceaseless desire for freedom.

After sunset, things really get lively. There are several restaurants and bars, which offer live music, dance, reggae and forro, the typical dance music from the northeast region. Of course, if you prefer the peace and tranquility of nature there are many quiet places to enjoy the star filled sky.





220 volt


International dialing code +55 88 and number


There is a cyber cafe at the center. Are you bringing your laptop? Clubventos offer free wi-fi for 120 min. Request your password at the reception.


Air 30-34ºC (85-95ºF). Water 30ºC (85ºF)


Currency is the Real R$. Jericoacoara is a very small, simple village which means it does not have
some of the amenities you are often used to.
So please, pay attention to the following:

Cash withdrawal. There are NO CASH/ATM MACHINES in Jericoacoara. You will therefore rely on local currency, credit cards, foreign currency (Euros and US dollars). Try to get Brazilian currency (Reais R$) while at the airport or in Fortaleza where there are Cash Machines/ATMs.

Currency exchange. LIMITED CURRENCY EXCHANGE SERVICES. It is possible to exchange money (Euros and US dollars) but the exchange rate it is not as good as you will find in Fortaleza. Jeri does not have an official place to exchange money and it is only possible at some commercial establishments.
Travellers Cheques. It is NOT POSSIBLE TO EXCHANGE TRAVELLERS CHEQUES. It is only possible to exchange cash (Euros and US dollars).


The distance from the airport to Jeri takes approximately 4 hours by car. 


It is not necessary and not advised since the road is difficult to navigate and you need a knowledgeable driver to make it through the sand and dunes.


There is NO HOSPITAL IN JERI. There is a clinic in Jijoca (1 hour by car) which offers limited service. The closest hospital is in Sobral, which is 3 hours by car. In case of serious emergency, helicopters can be deployed to transport the injured person to Fortaleza (**costs must be covered by your travel or health insurance). It is important to BRING PRESCRIPTIONS OR MEDICINE since the small pharmacy in Jeri has a limited stock of medications.


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