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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Activities

When not sipping your favorite drink in the hammock we would recommend to do some of the below: 


Travel to fresh water lagoons through the surreal and beautiful landscape of sand. The ride itself is as beautiful as the destination. Just tell the buggy driver if you want a sightseeing ride or a more rollercoaster orientated ride on the steep dunes. The trips vary from a few hours to full day trips.


Capoeira is one of the most striking shows you will ever see. It is a mix of martial art and a traditional dance, originated in Angola. You will find capoeira lessons every day on the beach. When? Early in the morning and by the end of the afternoon. There is a daily show at sunset.


In the end of Jericoacoara town, next to the sunset dune, you will find a horse renting hut. Take a stunning ride along the beaches of Jericoacoara.  Due to the sun, we recommend to go in the early morning or late afternoon.


The famous sunset dune rise some 20 meters over the ocean in the outskirt of Jericoacoara. Here you can ride sand boards. Yes, it is what it sounds like, snowboarding, but on the dunes. Fun? Yes.  When you are out of breath, then climb up once more and witness the most beautiful sunset in the world. Guaranteed. 


If you have some energy left after an epic day on the water, there is a seriously lively nightlife in Jericoacoara, which includes a handful of bars, clubs and forró dancehalls where you can dance until the roosters’ crow.  Simply walk to the bottom of Main Street around midnight and you'll find things just getting into gear.  Sample one of the many cocktails shaken, stirred and served up at the several drink stands that line the street.  A fresh caipirinha or capeta will quickly get you in the mood to groove.

Nightlife in Brazil, and especially Jericoacora, differs a bit from nightlife in Europe and North America. One of the more obvious differences is that you will be wearing shorts and walk around barefoot. But one thing to point out in an early stage is that it goes on all night long. And that the nightlife starts later. So take a powernap before heading down to the beach.


Forró is synonymous with Ceará state and Jericoacoara. It’s a dance which should be shared with someone you like, as it is very intimate. Either you bring someone to the floor or you will leave with one. A must while being in Brazil and dangerously addictive.


Most of the small resturants in Jericoacoara are situated on the streets and serve excellent food. Light up some candles and eat under the stars. The evening ambience in town is unreal and differs so much compared to hectic city life.



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