restaurant + bar


The Club Ventos restaurant keeps you fuelled up with our delicious array of snacks, sandwiches, shakes, main course meals, desserts, ice cream and more.
Along with the self-service salad bar and hot buffet, there are delectable a la carte seafood, meat, and pasta dishes and amazing sandwiches too.

The restaurant was recently awarded Food Handling Best Practices Certification, which guarantees our commitment to offer superior service.


The bar offers a plethora of 'to die for' cocktails as well as the famous Caipirinha.  Happy-hour, between 5pm and 6 pm is the best time to watch the amazing sunset and share a drink with a friend since when you ask for one caipirinha, you get two!!!
The green area and sundeck next to the bar and restaurant is always surrounded with some sweet chill out music.



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