We believe that a perfect windsurf vacation is a combination of outstanding windsurf conditions and all the experience surrounding your time on the spot. The conditions of Jericoacoara are already known as perfect, which makes the experience and time on dry land the ultimate challenge for us.

The center itself might be just as important as the conditions for some of our clients, as many are traveling with a none-windsurfing partner. We have therefore made sure to occupy the best property in Jericoacoara, right on the beach in front of the launch site, making it a perfect place to check the action on the water. Even if there are 4.2 winds blowing on the water, the center is always blocked from wind, and therefore a nice place to relax at. You will not walk around with sand blasting your face.
When we built the center, we made sure to protect as many original palm trees and cashew trees as possible, keeping the center very green, which creates a relaxed and beautiful environment. We adapted our buildings and recreational areas to fit into the existing nature which was there before us.
ClubVentso provides free WiFi to their costumers! 
Uploading online greetings for your friends back home - No problem! ClubVentos is providing 24 hours WiFi gratis! It doesn’t matter where you like to be online.
We provide a perfect internet connection in every corner of our multisport resort.
We would like to go as far as saying that our center is the most unique and complete windsurf center in the world. It has been planned and designed to make your stay as comfortable, easy and beautiful as possible. We enjoy nothing more than to spoil windsurfers.




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