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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - The ClubVentos Philosophy
The ClubVentos Philosophy

Water sports like wind surfing, kite surfing, wave surfing, SUP and kayaking are some of the most fascinating water sports around. Those are weather and gear dependant sports activities and rather expensive sports when you have high expectations on your equipment. But most importantly: it’s great fun!!!

We realize that most water athletes struggle to practice their aquatic sport back home, as many live far from the sea or can’t find the time during their working weeks. It is therefore in our deepest belief that a beach holiday must provide everything a water sportsperson whishes for, in a short and intense time.

So our philosophy is direct to the point: “Offer the best in every detail. Strive to improve everyday. Thank the praise but seek the criticism”.

We follow this in every detail we can think of in our centers, even before they existed. It starts with the location. As a company owned by Brazilian water athletes, we have the knowledge and the freedom to establish in any beach we believe is the right one. And we are very picky on the matter. Excellent spots with 100% reliable wind; warm weather; waves and flat water and a great atmosphere. It has to be nothing less than “perfect” to have our flag.

Once we find a perfect beach where it is possible to combine all the different water sports, we select the perfect location for the water athletes and also for their families. A place to relax, a place to breathe, wide open and green. Our architectural projects are made to preserve.

We cut no trees. We do it in style. We have designed the coolest and most welcoming centers in the world, in a very relaxing environment and we have a well trained team ready to spoil you in every department. Quality is our addiction!

We are proud to have the best brands of water sports equipment in our racks - Chosen by the Pro Riders in the water sport scene and by the constructive feedback of our customers.

Come at your own risk as you might not want to go back home! 



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