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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager



Are you seeking for a balance between career development and quality of living?
Is your dream to pursue a challenging job with several responsibilities, chasing targets and pushing business growth, but to do that living in a beautiful beach, working in boardshorts and flip-flops, doing your favorite watersport everyday?
If you prefer small town over big city, love windsurfing and kitesurfing, and fit the job profile, then this might be the job of your dreams.


Candidate profile:

·         Seasoned marketing professional being a mix of creative genius, talented video/photo/design creator, sharp strategist and responsible task killer. A result deliverer, not an excuse provider.

·         Believes that “recognition for excellence” is worth cost in “hard work”.

·         Windsurfer and kitesurfer of a reasonable level, who understands the specific medias, language, events, markets, destinations, brands, maneuvers.

·         Available to live in Jericoacoara 6 months/year.

Job information:

this is a full time job for 6 months a year where the candidate needs to live in Jericoacoara, and a 30% time/pay job on the other 6 months, where the person works remotely to follow up on the marketing projects and routines of the yearly plan.

Job description:

·         Develop yearly marketing plan and budget.

·         Support all company’s divisions with adequate marketing efforts to promote their products: windsurfing/kitesurfing/SUP rental and lessons, restaurants, hotels, events, travel agency. This includes:

o        Maintain/develop individual websites to stay visually appealing and loaded with fresh and accurate content.

o        Develop adequate promotional materials for each individual business, such as brochures, posters, advertisements (print/web/signs), press releases, etc.

o         Analyze each division’s performance indicators together with the related manager to orient future actions.

·         Coordinate daily, weekly, monthly routine tasks such as:

o        Producing/uploading pictures to social media, sport websites,;

o        Producing/uploading daily short clips (ride of the day) to websites/social media;

o        Producing more elaborated promotional videos (3-5 minutes long) for general promotion;

o        Producing/posting news to websites/social media on a regular basis;

o        Producing/distributing press releases to relevant media;

o        Create/send monthly newsletters.

·         Develop and roll out special innovative promotions each season to maximize branding awareness and PR media ROI;

·         Plan and organize once a year a press trip with key sport/lifestyle magazines;

·         Maintain and develop relationship with sport and lifestyle media, to facilitate promotion thru PR and gain favorable advertisement rates;

·         Research/analyze new media opportunities;

·         Monitor competitor activity;

·         Searching ways of improving existing products and services, to increase profitability;

·         Relationship building with tour operators and government tourism boards & agencies;

·         Continuously media awareness data such as website/social media statistics and compare it sales data, to orient future marketing actions. Provide meaningful reports every month to other division managers;

·         Keep marketing division documentation updated (how-to’s, contacts database, etc);

·         Control marketing division inventory (video/photo/computer equipment);

·         Develop/implement customer loyalty programs;

·         Develop and manage special events;

·         Continuously train marketing assistant(s) in all division tasks, to improve productivity, and allow better task sharing and greater quality of results;


·         Must have marketing or journalism graduation and minimum 3 years experience working in marketing related positions with hands on experience in producing video/photo/written media with high quality level.

·         Must be Windsurfer and kitesurfer, who understands the specific medias, language, events, markets, destinations, brands, maneuvers.

·         Must be a skilled video producer with the ability to deliver high quality films, managing all steps of production, from planning, to shooting and editing. We seek candidates that think outside the box and can deliver creative and emotionally loaded films. We work on PC environment with Adobe Premiere/Aftereffects.

·         Must have photo shooting/editing and graphic design skills. Adobe suite or Corel Draw.

·         Must have at least basic understanding of HTML;

·         Must have flawless written English, with the ability to build elaborated and pleasant to read texts such as press releases and articles from key starting points;

·         Must be capable of multi-tasking in a busy, high-volume environment and have the ability to effectively manage time, prioritize tasks and work within deadlines;

·         Must have the ability to work effectively within a team environment and with all colleagues and business partners.

·         Must be well organized and detail-oriented with demonstrated effective follow-up skills;

·         Demonstrated ability to work with and maintain sensitive and confidential information is required;

·         Effective communication skills (verbal, written and listening) and excellent interpersonal skills at all levels of business;

·         Ability and patience to effectively train assistants in completing division tasks with the best possible quality and speed;

·         Basic understanding of Portuguese or Spanish is desired;

·         Ability and desire to live in Jericoacoara 6 months/year;

We offer

·         Compatible salary with the function, and performance bonus for results;

·         Pleasant working environment (beachfront in a peaceful town);

·         Flexible work schedule that allows you to practice watersports;

·         Possibility for growth with the company's expansion into new markets


If you think your personal profile meets our requirements, and you wish to join a team where the work is hard, the speed is high, but the beach is in front, then here is how to apply for this position:


1.       Build your own personal webpage where you will display your personal data, such as education, work experiences, life story, hobbies, pictures, date of birth, phone/skype/facebook contacts, etc. Its up to you to decide visual look of this webpage, complexity, tools to build it, or where to host it. You must make this webpage live on the internet and send a link to, with the subject: [Job opening – Marketing Manager]. If you have concerns about your personal data on the internet, you can make this website password protected.

2.       In one part of this webpage you should document “how I built this webpage”. Remember that we do not require advanced HTML knowledge for this position, and you can even use free/easy blogging solutions for this online CV/portfolio, but you must build it yourself without any help from someone else.

3.       Include in the webpage a portfolio with your own photos, graphic designs (in PDF) and videos you have produced. You can host them in youtube, vimeo, or some other server, or just provide a download link of the video file. For every video, also include proof that it was done by you, such as print screens from the project open in the movie editing software, and a little description about the production, from image capturing to editing, objectives, camera model, shooting accessories, total time to complete the production, persons involved, etc

4.       Include also a cover letter in the website, explaining why you want this job, the points that make you fit for it, and why we should choose you.


If you have further questions about this position, please send them to


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