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Club Ventos. Jericoacoara. Icaraizinho. Brazil - Contact


Jericoacoara has a very bad landline phone system operated by OI/TELEMAR. Call quality is bad and disconnections are frequent. To ensure that you can reach us, we have also connected cell-lines to our PBX system. So you can reach us in the numbers below. If you are calling from Brazil, your call might be cheaper or free if you use a cellphone of TIM or OI and dial the appropriate number.


Cell TIM Carrier:  (+55 88) 99697-0808 | (+55 88) 99933-3782

Cell OI Carrier:  (+55 88) 98818-7222 | (+55 88) 98822-1183

Landline (UNRELIABLE):  (+55 88) 3669-2288 | (+55 88) 3669-2287


*** All numbers above are connected to our PBX system.

For RESERVATIONS, you can dial any mumber above and type 35 at the voice prompt, or also call the cellphones below.

Cell TIM Carrier:  (+55 88)9 9697-0808

Cell OI Carrier:  (+55 88) 98822-13



Icaraizinho landline calls are reliable, but we also offer a cellphone option

Cell TIM Carrier:  (+55 88) 99958-9780

Landline:  (+55 88) 3636-3006


Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Authority) Registration: 31858.00.41-3




ClubVentos is always looking for writers or photographer for our news so if you love to do water sport and want to share some of your experiences, let us know! 
Of course, if you have more great ideas for things we could be doing to improve our site or the club in Jeri or Icarai itself we'd love to hear from you as well.


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