Spot Info - ClubVentos

Just 10 minutes away from Clubventos Watersport Resorts, our kitesurf spot is behind the Sunset Dune, the spot is more than just windy! The point can reach plus 30 knots and we can consider that we are close to all facilities that the Jericoacoara city can offer you. With flat water and it is easily to get in love with the overall vibe that Jericoacoara offers to you. In the past the Dune was bigger and higher, so it was not the best place to do kitesurfing, but a few years ago the climate made the Dune's size get changed and, as a moved Dune, now the place is the best spot in Jeri to do kitesurf. The sand got into the water making a shallow sea with flat water, making the perfect condition to learn how to do this sport. Sometimes we can also have gently shorebreaks there, what is perfect considering that Jericoacoara climate offers a completely different wind situation than any place in the world. So that is why sometimes a shorebreak is good for your adaptation to kitesurf zone in Jeri.

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