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Windsurf Storage

Our windsurf storage is the biggest in Icaraizinho. So you are welcome bringing your own equipment.

As we are a Watersport Center, we have thought about your comfort and your safety doing windsurf in Icaraizinho. Our facilities are part of our watersport resort and you can find a big variety of equipments to rent if you wanna try another equipment, also you need to know that our rental service offers you nothing but the best, with windsurf boards are the latest models from JP-Australia and Starboard and all sails and booms are Neilpryde rigged on RDM carbon masts. So you just need to come around and have fun, and you need to remind if you book the service online you can save 10%. 

Our service includes:

  • Safety services: rescue team, rescue boat, monitored zone (valid on windsurf zone only);
  • Board storage;
  • 24 hrs security storage;
  • Storage box can be locked throughout the day and it is locked the container at night;
  • Fresh water shower;
  • The best sunset view;
  • All tips about places to sail in Icaraizinho.


Storage Pricing  (BR Real)
1 day 90,00
1 week 360,00
1 month 1080,00
Rates are valid for storage of 1 board and 2 riggs.

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