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Our windsurfing courses are designed to make your evolution in windsurfing fun and efficient. From beginner to advanced courses our professional team of instructors is ready with the right equipment to assist you in your progress . Check below our offer of courses.

Beginner Course
1h30min lesson

First step into a new sport with safety, theory and practice. How to carry the equipments, sailing theory, wind awareness, safety position, 180 turn down wind to come back, sailing position .

Private R$198,00 (BR Real)

3h lesson

Deeper practice, improve your 180 turns downwind and first 180 upwind . Improve your wind knowledges. First movements backwards and forwards with the sail to steer the board

Private R$360,00 (BR Real)

4h30min LESSON

Safety knowledge to have an independant practice, starting to going upwind (zig-zagging), first tack, first slow jibe.
This course give you more time to practice, and offer you the real taste of windurfing!

Private R$504,00 (BR Real)

Intermediate / Advanced Course

You’ll use differents sails and boards, improve your maneuver (beach start, jibes, water start , foot straps, fast tack, wave ridding , jumps. Sailing up wind with correct position and correct path. More you practice more you’ll progress… NO SECRET

1h30min lesson

Private R$286,00 (BR Real)

4h30min lesson

Private R$648,00 (BR Real)


Safety is our priority

We are recognized for safety by our customers, infrastructure and professionalism about teaching waterports. All our instructors are certificated, and our lessons including all safety equipment, vests, helmets, life rafts, communication radios, support and rescue cars and a team of lifeguards. Our classes present the level of safety required internationally and for this reason, we assure you that in Clubventos your focus is only on adventure, and safety is on us!

Safety boats
Monitored Zone
Certified instructors

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